Three steps to boost your personal brand on Linkedin
Personal brand on Linkedin: 3 steps to boost it
7 November, 2020
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How to protect our environment and ease the effects of Covid-19 at the same time

Without a shadow of a doubt, we are struggling with two mainly pandemics: the Covid-19 situation and the environmental problems caused by the hand of human beings. However, where someone sees a crisis, another finds opportunities and promotes initiatives to palliate the effects of both problems. For this reason, I would like to speak about the Quoin Cards.

What is a Quoin Card?

The concept is straightforward to understand. A Quoin Card is a metal business card with a QR code printed on one side. When I have to share my contact information with a customer or a supplier, I show them my business card and they just need to scan the QR code (who is not used to capturing QR codes after months of Covid-19?). After that, my contact details will be saved on the mobile phone of my customer automatically.

Why a Quoin Card is full of advantages?

  • I avoid physical contact. Unfortunately, it is said that this measure is one of the most important actions in terms of preventing Covid-19. In several countries (Spain, for example), we still try not to touch the participants who attend a meeting or a networking event (neither their belongings, like a paper card). 
  • I try to do my bit and I contribute to save millions of trees. Before having my Quoin Card, you could find 500 traditional business cards (made of paper) inside my drawer. Almost every year, my company used to order new packs of 500 cards. I started to work here in 2012, so think about the total amount of wasted paper. 
  • This could be a great opportunity to cut expenses for my company. A Quoin Card is printed on a thick aluminium card so I strongly believe it would be the only card I will ever need.

Why should you give it a try?

  • The price. It is incredibly affordable if you compare it with your expenses on a traditional business card.  
  • The risk that your contact loses your personal details among hundred paper cards decreases from 100 to zero. 
  • Working with new trends will probably make you someone hard to forget. I always try to stand out among my contacts.
  • And obviously the most important point: we owe it to Mother Nature. As the CEO of Quoin Card, Slahde Seale, explains on his website, six million trees are cut down to supply the demand related to more than 100 billion paper business cards pear year. 

If you want to get more information and discover why this initiative is so interesting, visit the web Quoin Cards

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