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Facebook Ads: Is it advisable to invest in this social media platform?

Many years ago, I struggled with the idea of posting ads on Facebook. Back then, I used to think: “Well, we are a business consulting firm and offer a professional serious B2B service, therefore, Facebook is not, without a shadow of a doubt, our place”. However, I started to notice that my boss, and millions of decision-making owners of big companies, spend many hours on this social media platform during their free time. So, is not a great opportunity to sell the brand of QualityConta?

According to the last research carried out by We Are Social and Hootsuite,  Digital 2019 Global Digital Overview (January 2019) v01, this is the potential Facebook’s advertising audience, by age group and gender.


When I think in the current and potential clients of QualityConta, we could say, a rule of thumb, that their ages range are between 40 and 55 (these involves three groups). In other words: there is enough market to make it worthwhile focusing on it.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand two key concepts if we want to develop an advertisement campaign related to professional services on Facebook. First of all, we need to consider the segmentation of our target. And not only in terms of age, gender, location, and so forth but also about what they like, what pages they follow more often or in what groups they participate. This approach gives us a ray of light to detect who could be our potential client over a sea with more of users! There is no doubt that Facebook is the most important social media platform with most active users around the world (sorry Google+, you tried it, but you didn’t achieve it). Precisely, for this reason, without segmentation we are nobody.

Secondly, we should talk about retargeting. Probably, this concept could be more difficult to grasp. According to Wikipedia, “retargeting is a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions”. And why is it important? Because it helps us to make effective advertising campaigns over a particular target.

So, assuming that after doing a segmentation, we found more than 500.000 users to reach with our services. Retargeting allows us to focus on this group of people who know our webpage. Probably they visited it last week to hire some sort of our services and, however they didn’t make up their minds yet.

This is a powerful strategy to reinforce our commercial message on Facebook, isn’t it?

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