Facebook Ads: Is it advisable to invest in this social media platform?
Facebook Ads: Is it advisable to invest in this social media platform?
14 August, 2019
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Five tips for managing your subscribers

Five tips for managing your subscribers

Nobody (or at least only a few) calls into question the benefits of working with email marketing. Not only because of the cost saving that this strategy implies to the professional-services firms, but also due to the possibility to analyse and quantify the whole process.

However, the key question that we should ask ourselves now is: how can we manage our list of subscribers properly? I would like to share with you five recommendations to help your business to find success in your email marketing campaigns.

  • Forget about the email spam. All your subscribers must have approved that they want to be a member of your lists. For this reason, rule out the option of sending email spam because you will be skipping the law about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Besides, your lists will show a higher opening rate since your affiliates will have expressed their interest in joining them and, above all, reading your content.
  • Remember the double opt-in. In order to avoid wrong email addresses or even fake emails among your lists of subscribers, you should apply the double opt-in. In other words: you have to automate your forms. This way, when a user completes his or her register, he or she will receive an email with a link allowing him or her to reconfirm his or her subscription. If the user doesn’t exist, your list will be clean.
  • Analyse your list periodically. You should control the behaviour of the members of your lists. I’ll give you an example. The fact that a high proportion of your readers don’t open the emails that you send them regularly is a red flag: your information isn’t raising interest so consider the option to modify it. On the other hand, if they start unsubscribing, something is obviously not working.
  • Choose the correct time to launch your campaigns. Despite the huge amount of research, the best moment to send your email marketing campaign is determined by the behaviour of the target, the sector of the company or the product/service that you want to offer.
  • Be careful with your sleepy subscribers. If you have a group of users that don’t open your emails and you wish to recover them, think about creative ways to reach them. For example: it could be a great option sending an email with a new offer (a discount is the best idea) or explaining why your contents are interesting for their businesses. It’s advisable to ask them about what they think about your emails. Feedback is always a plus.

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