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20 November, 2019
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Do you think that I can learn German on my own?

Do you think that I can learn German on my own?

It is often believed that if you want to master a language, there are two basic requirements: spending some time in that language-speaking country and attending lessons in language schools with native speakers. However, without a shadow of a doubt, the Internet has changed the paradigm of the knowledge completely. That is why I have challenged myself to learn German, at least the basics, with the minimum investment.

Learn german on line

The first step of my adventure started analysing what the best app to discover and memorise different words could be. Again two key factors on my mind: it should be free and let me feel that I am improving. For this reason, I am working with Busuu and Hello Talk. The first one teaches me vocabulary and basic grammar. Probably, it might be seen as a repetitive way to go through the German world but it is great in terms of sounds or pronunciation. Like other apps that offer similar functions, you can opt for a free version or a subscription. For now, option A is enough.

Hello Talk is not new to me. I tried to deal with it when I was studying for the CAE but, I do not know why, people did not show enthusiasm about helping me with my exam and when push comes to shove, nobody shared their knowledge. Nevertheless, in the German culture, things seem to be quite different and from the very first moment, lots of germans correct my sentences and give me suggestions about how the best way to express something could be.

Apart from the apps, my second phase made me realised the thousands of resources that you could find on the Internet. Books, games, exercises, blogs with explanations, and official methods that you might download illegally (obviously, it is not my case). Anyway, digital versions of books are cheaper than the traditional ones so it is a valuable option if you need to carry out this mission on a budget.

To conclude and taking this viewpoint into consideration, I strongly believe that I will hammer out this challenge in all likelihood. The key factor is not only the resources or apps that you can use to learn a language but the perseverance that you keep to achieve your goals.

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